two problems when running under python 2.2.3

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two problems when running under python 2.2.3

Vadim Kouzmine
This is for rdiff-backup v.1.0.4 running on Trustix 2.2 / python 2.2.3

1) (already reported)
lchown code in cmodule.c is screened by #ifdef HAVE_LCHOWN in a couple
of places. I had to enable lchown sections by commented out "#ifdef
HAVE_LCHOWN" directives;

2) rdiff-backup refuses to create device nodes, displays an error for
each device file in /dev directory, like this:
unable to mknod dev/rdiff-backup.tmp.6599 -- using touch instead
unable to mknod dev/rdiff-backup.tmp.6600 -- using touch instead

I compiled local python-2.4.2 and built rdiff-backup with it. Both
errors have gone. It actually change permissions on symlinks and create
devices on destination without any issues.

Vadim Kouzmine <[hidden email]>

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