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Joao Pedras
Hello all,

My apologies if this has been asked other times but I have not found a
working solution in any of the replies.

My Linphone setup consists of connecting to 1 PBX (asterisk) and
registering 1 SIP extension on it. The registration is successful,
placing and receiving calls works great and there are no other issues I
can find with the app.

The issue is that every time the app starts and then again every so
often while it is running, a window titled "Unable to authenticate" pops
up. Some posts suggest that some account is misconfigured but the only
SIP account I have setup is working fine. Disabling the listening ports
doesn't seem to have any effect. There is some aspect of the config that
I believe I am missing.

Version is 4.2.5 and I see the issue on Linux, Mac and Windows.

Attached a linphonerc.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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