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wmmon test app

John Ogness-9

As my X window manager I use Window Maker. In order to help me see
that DazukoFS is running on my system, I modified the Window Maker
wmmon dock app to display the number of files being accessed on
DazukoFS. I've been using the application for quite some time and
finally decided to post it on the Dazuko Applications page.

wmmon works as a front-end for the test application (which runs as a
server). The test application uses multiple threads to communicate
with DazukoFS. The server uses shared memory to provide wmmon with the
data. Both server and wmmon never run as root at any time, which
demonstrates DazukoFS's ability to work with non-privileged processes.

Even if you are not interested in running the test applications,
developers may be interested in the implementations.

Also, the Dazuko Applications page has been split into two parts:
DazukoFS and Dazuko applications. If your application supports
DazukoFS but is not listed at the top of the Dazuko Applications page,
please post updated information for your application so I can update
the page (or update the wiki yourself).

John Ogness

Dazuko Maintainer

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